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Seaprobe Atlantis Glass Bottom boat Trips - Call: 0800 980 4846


Award Winning Wildlife Trips

Join Seaprobe Atlantis on a fun wildlife spotting trip around Lochalsh. Suitable for all ages. Seals seen on every trip, regular otter sightings. Great Family fun

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Lochalsh is an Otter Hotspot...

Otters are regular features on our trips, we have more than 200 sightings each year. One of our more elusive creatures,the best way to increase your chances of spotting one is to join us on a trip....

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Common Seals

Visit the Seals of Lochalsh. There are just under 100 common seals living here. We have been studying their habits for 16 years and they have become completely relaxed with the boat, providing unbeatable close up views of these wonderful animals, without disturbing them.


The Underwater World

Discover the mysteries of the deep as you look out of your underwater window, See Fish, Crabs, Star Fish, Sea Urchins and Jellyfish...


Mysteries of the deep

Every trip is unique. Some things we can predict, some we can't... like dolphins or otters swimming up to the underwater windows !

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How many creatures can you spot?

The friendly crew will help you spot the underwater creatures as we drift along the shore.Keep a sharp look out as the crabs hide in the kelp!

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Open Easter - October 31st

We look forward to welcoming you onboard

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